Most trauma* occurs during childhood, because then we are most vulnerable and depend on our caregivers for our development. Sometimes these caregivers carry their own trauma, so they are unable to. These traumas are also passed on to us through our ancestral lineage. Especially if these were not healed and lived through by your  grandparents and parents, survival and coping mechanisms arise in order for you to survive. As a result, you probably got disconnected with yourself and your feelings. Out of pure protection.

Emotional transformation

Consists of three main area's, which were developed from personal experience with childhood trauma (an empathic child) growing up in a non-feeling world. Now, an empathic adult and on a mission:
"To guide the sensitive and empathic children of today, so that they can express their true talents and qualities".

*Trauma is what happens inside of us - Gabor Mate

When you are disconnected from your feelings, your mind is probably working extra hard. Which can result in what we tend to call typical AD(H)D behavior. Understanding how your mind works and re-shaping your world of thoughts is very helpful and gives you insights on your thinking patterns and convictions.
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Our body contains original knowledge and knows all answers. Become aware what your body is telling you. Bodywork re-connects you with what is stored inside of you. You do not always have to re-experience, just let everything be. Your body never lies! My hands are there, listening to what it needs to express.

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Your inner journey to a spiritual awakening, re-membering who you really are.
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while you find out which path is meant for you.
Working with Archetypes is one of the tools we use to
regain deeper insights. 
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