Empathic child


Children are good in 

creating and imagining their inner (and therefore outer) world. Flowing with energies and playing with them, ‘painting’ their lives in full color. Growing up with an open heart - as an empathic child - can therefore be incredibly challenging. These talented children are often mis-taken by others for being too sensitive and hard to manage.
Which can result in disconnecting from these abilities, while growing up. And can even be problematic later in life. 

Every child has 5 development needs:

1. Connection with others
2. Being able to sense their own needs
3. Trust
4. Autonomy
5. Love and intimacy

Empathic children experience the world more intense. When their environment is unable to support their special needs, it might lead to disconnecting from their sensitive soul. Pure out of protection. Creating inner protectors, coping and survival mechanisms. And in the end even trauma from growing up in a non-feeling society. They are more vulnerable because they see, feel, and hear so much more. 

Do you recognize this in yourself or your child?

What if, you can let go of all these non-helping convictions you have picked up in life about yourself? Start to see and feel again who you really are? Can you imagine how that must feel? 

My name is Doriene - Mthr SaBina. 
I will walk with you, while you are letting go of who you thought you were. And here to guide you, while re-membering who you really are. 

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