Healing YourHeart Ritual 


Ceramic heart

We all know certain moments in our lives, that hurt us deeply. Events that we experience as very painful. Everyone has their own personal story, about powerlessness, frustration, sadness, loss, mourning and everything the heart can feel. Moments to reflect on, that require time and attention to feel through, allowing them to heal. 


In Japan, broken pottery is never simply thrown away. They will lovingly and patiently glue the shards back together with gold. Kintsugi, is a Japanese form of art, which symbolizes the fact that fractures are allowed to exist. That they may be seen, and felt. Bahar Shahi has brought her Iranian roots together with the art of Kintsugi and developed 'The Heart Ritual', a magical journey through and for your heart. Where a ceramic heart is first broken, after which the shards are looked at and embraced piece by piece. To then glue them with gold, creating your own powerful heart.

Bahar Shahi is the founder

This beautiful healing ritual has been handed over by Bahar to more than 100 coaches. I am one of them and very proud to work with the hearts.

The wound is the place where the light enters you
- rumi -

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