A medicine



I will not rescue you,
for you are not powerless
I will not fix you,
for you are not broken
I will not heal you,
for I see in you, your wholeness
I will walk with you,
through the darkness
As you remember your Light!

- Sheree Bliss Tilsley -

What can I do for you? 

"Maybe I went through it and survived,
just so I could help you make it through." 
Unknown -  

Enhance awareness

Some of these thought patterns might be in your unconscious. When you become aware which non-helping thoughts and convictions are influencing your daily life, you will be able to re-shape them. 

Re-connect with your body

 Everything you have been through, is probably stored somewhere in your body. Connecting with your memories within, will bring them to the surface to be transformed.  

Who am I?

When you experience struggle in your life, it is fairly possible, you are not living your full potential. Making the journey within is a way to re-connect with who you really are.


 I will walk with you

so you will remember who you really are. 


  • a Sacred & Safe space
  • Loving environment
  • Connection of the heart
  • Playfulness
  • Self expression
  • Autonomy
  • Healthy boundaries

In love,  from my heart to yours - X - 


What is it I do?

I play! A happy, free inner child. Her hand in her mother' hand. Intuitive, in deep connection with Mother Earth & Father Sun, with the elements. Working from within the Sacred Space, guided by my Spirit animals and ancestors. Playing with the instruments that I carry within. Sensing what is needed and letting it all happen. Let yourself be nurtured in my embrace and surrender to an Emotional transformation

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