My story


Throughout my life, there was a strong feeling that I didn't belong here. My family tried to support my special needs, but didn't really know how. Because I actually started believing these strong feelings, they became convictions like "I don't belong" , "I am not good enough" and therefore turned them into my inner mantra.

When I was a toddler, I felt so much that I had to disconnect from my intuition and heart' energy. For pure protection. Simply because everything I felt, was too much and too painful. So I grew up as an empath, with strong survival and protection mechanisms, just so I didn't have to feel the pain of being rejected. 

Around the age of fifty - that which remained unspoken and unfelt in my family - expressed itself through me. You could say that our family trauma has been felt, experienced and healed through my body. A very difficult, deep inner process, which I call "My inner journey from fear to love".

The (clairvoyant) little girl in me needed to be comforted, heard and seen for what she had been through as an empathic child. She needed to heal and re-experience the intense pain of rejection, since no-one really knew what she needed or went through. It was necessary for me - now as an adult - to peel off all protection and coping layers. Which I did for many years. This process allowed me to feel and hear again, what my heart really wanted to say. I call them Heart whispers. 

My heart whispered why my Soul arrived here on Earth, incarnated in a human body. That 'we' are here for a reason, right NOW. Transforming limiting beliefs into uplifting ones. For each of us carries original memories and ancestral knowledge within. This time of Transition, is meant to awaken ourselves and regain access to those memories, to become aware why we are here and to realize who we truly are.

You are not alone!

In love,
Mthr SaBina

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