Mthr SaBina

Woman and peacekeeper
Born of wholeness
Secured in primal confidence
With softness and warmth
She creates a sacred space

For your emotional transformation
A loving bridge between heaven and earth
In her arms you will find a safe setting
For healing and to be comforted
What your inner child so longs for.


Kristel van Deursen 

"The artist liberates."

Kristel makes images of human figures that invite you to acknowledge your own story, this is liberating. She finds her inspiration in Shamanism and Lightwork translating into painting and drawing. She takes you on a journey and invites you to experience the artworks at different levels of consciousness. She is also skilled in making portraits of people and (domestic) animals, in which the character is strongly experienced by the customer who is moved to tears. A common saying is 'the painting seems more real than the photo'.

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